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TableTopAudio combines a music player with a soundboard. Great for tabletop games where both music and one-hit sound effects are required. Sound effects can be looped at a given interval, or randomly. 

Sound effect formats supported: .ogg .mp3

Music playlist formats supported: .ogg .mp3


Place music files in: System music directory/TableTopAudio/music

Place sound effects in: System music directory/TableTopAudio/sound effects

Save files are stored in: System music directory/TableTopAudio/saves

To assign or change a file on a sound effect button, right click on the desired button.

To change the label of a page button, right click on the desired page button.


TableTopAudio has been tested extensively on Windows, but not on Mac or Linux. Any bug reports are greatly appreciated.

Source code available here: https://github.com/nmpeckham/tabletopAudio

Pull requests welcome!



- Fixed file name text alignment in SFX button edit page

- Removed file extension from button label by default

- Enabled scrolling on playlist

- Fixed items overflowing when selecting file for SFX button

- Added more explicit errors on filetype not supported


- Added fade-in and fade-out buttons for sound effects

- Fixed bug where non-playable files could be loaded into playlist

- Added ability to play ogg vorbis files in the playlist

- Changed format of save files slightly, making transfer of saves easier between computers. 
Please note this will break save compatibility with previous versions of TableTopAudio.

- Added workaround for very long audio clips. TableTopAudio will play the maximum possible (6 hours per channel at 44.1khz)

- Fixed bug that would prevent changing label of first page

- Page labels are now tracked in save files, and are restored upon loading


 - Fixed bug where wrong song would play when clicking next or previous after moving current song in playlist during playback

- Fixed bug where playback scrubber does not go back to start when changing tracks

- Fixed bug where scrubbing to end of current song could cause a NullReferenceException


- Updated "About" screen with licensing information and hyperlinks

- Updated application folder to reflect application name


- Added ability to save/load button and playlist configurations

- SFX Buttons no longer load audio clips into memory, they are now streamed as needed (.ogg and .MP3 still supported)

- Fixed several bugs that would occur when trying to use play/pause/stop/next/previous when there were no tracks in the playlist

- Added explicit error messages when errors are encountered

- Added "About" page containing license and version information

- Added option to enable/disable auto playlist updating

- Changed MP3 decoder from MP3Sharp to NLayer

- Playback progress bar on SFX buttons now auto-hides when clip is cleared

- Fixed bug where first ~0.5 seconds of playlist songs would be skipped


- Fixed bug where moving songs past top or bottom of list would cause crash

- Fixed bug where mouse would become severely misaligned from song item when rearranging playlist

- Changed color of SFX delay indicator from pink to black for easier differentiation than pink

- Enabled page buttons

- Right click to edit page button label


- Initial release      

- SFX buttons working

- Playlist working

Install instructions

  1. Unzip download folder
  2. Run executable


TableTopAudiov0.85.zip 63 MB

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